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When asked if he'd ever consider going on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," which of Graham's guests said, "I'm just far too stupid to be on one of those"? *

About meeting fans dressed as characters from the show, this "Doctor Who" star jokingly said, "No, they looked really ugly!" *

When addressing 2012 as the end of the world, this star claimed, "We're going out with a bang, baby!" *

This star debunked a rumor that Graham's American guests don't drink alcohol by saying, "I'm Southern, it's different. You never see me without the wine." *

This celeb opened the show with, "My microphone pack just slid right down my bumcrack!" *

"I did kiss him... several times, but it got cut from the film," said this actress about mega-star Johnny Depp. *

Which guest of the show "gave the breath of life" to a save a pet fish? *

While filming at her sister's wedding, this lovely actress told Graham that someone took "an up kilt shot of my cousin!" *

According to this music star, "First, you dream of having a girlfriend, and then you dream of getting successful. Those are the two dreams." *

After being harrassad by Graham, which British star said, "I'm doing a film at the moment, and I've got the most heinous haircut you've ever seen"? *

About dressing in drag, which film actor claimed, "I looked like if my sister was on a round of steroids"? *

About working in the industry, which actor claimed, "Fame, at best, is a by-product of good work"? *

Which former artist's model claimed "I would do interpretive danceā€¦naked"? *

Whose son reportedly told her, "It's okay mommy, do you need a drink?" after she couldn't assemble a toy?

When discussing his entourage of fellow actors and industry professionals, which actor said, "You shake 'em for a while, but they always end up coming back!" *

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